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A New Bag!

Having watched untold packing videos on YouTube about minimalists traveling (some actual minimalists and some just rather pleased with themselves for only bringing on a full suitcase and a personal item) I decided a while back to see what is my minimum travel gear for leisure travel.

I tend to travel on Southwest since I can avoid flying through the problematic airports (O’Hare, DFW – eeeeevvvvil places IMO) to get to my Texas locations and they have a pretty amazing luggage policy (personal item, carryon and 2 bags fly free). Considering they have a really great on time record, I’d say they are doing something right. However, not everyone is as fabu as Southwest, so I need to be ready.

I’ve done a week at my family home in the Tom Bihn Nightflight Travel Duffle (FYI: it is United’s personal item, perfect for their bare fare tickets); it worked pretty well and eventually I want to hop around Europe on a budget airline, such as RyanAir, but I don’t want to blow all my funds on carrying stuff around. I have several backpacks, but all seem to be just a bit larger than their specifications. So I went to eBay and found a RyanAir specifically sized personal item bag.

• Designed to be the maximum size for the second hand luggage for Ryan air
• Made from a tough wearing 600D polyester Material
• 1 main compartment
• 1 Front zip pocket
• Removable adjustable shoulder strap
• Piggy back strap so bag fits on back of trolley case when travelling – less to carry and easier to travel!
• Dimensions 35x20x20 cms  Weight: 0.4kgs

Also it has polka dots! ❤️

I’ve recently reorganized my specific travel clothes, using Lewis N Clark Electrolight medium cubes. The very basics in one cube and the ability for judicious expansion by grabbing cube #2 and/or one of the specialty cubes. (Read about the contents of my packing cubes here.) In addition to my plane outfit (jeans, black merino t, shell jacket and black walking shoes), cube #1 has a long sleeve black CuddlDuds item (triple duty item: pj’s, layering piece or just a long sleeve shirt), a short sleeve black shirt, a pair of black printed leggings, socks & undies.

There are some things that just live in my suitcase. My cross body purse (contains purse type stuff: phone, wallet, pen, iPhone backup thingy, etc), silicone coffee drip cone, Gobite Uno, USB cables, packable daypack, Jackery 12500 mAh battery, shampoo bar & carrier, flip flops, travel buddy… and not much else. It’s a pretty good set up for at least a week of wandering about taking loads of pictures.

If I do need more, I can throw in packing cube #2 with a bit more stuff in it.

But for this bag, my main packing cube fits the bill. Here it is in my new bag:

Lots of room left for another cube if I really need it, or even better, room for souvenirs!

Have suitcase, will travel.

(I’ve got my Boarding Blue Personal item bag for Iceland Wow Air packing almost done… stay tuned)

Packing for… Uruguay!

    Eagle Creek backpack
    Stripey daypack
    Brown sweater
    Black sweater
    White tank
    Keen tennies
    Rockport sandals
    Black t, pink t
    Butterfly scarf
    Rain jacket

Turns out I didn’t need the rain jacket, but I generally have it in my pack (it’s fairly lightweight) so I didn’t worry about it too much. The rest of the stuff is tried and true traveling gear for me, especially with needing ranges of clothes from an evening reception to slogging around tourist things. I was even comfy on the ungodly flight to the other side of the world 😉