Travel Gear

Cube #1

In Lewis N Clark Electrolight medium cube; a long sleeve black CuddlDuds item (triple duty item: pj’s, layering piece or just a long sleeve shirt), a short sleeve black shirt, a pair of black printed leggings, socks & undies.

Cube #2

2 merino shirts, black pants, yoga/hiking pants

Cube for beach type trip
Columbia sun shirt, 2 merino shirts (color for variety), swimsuit, Columbia skort.

Cube for snow type trip

Nano Puff, snow pants, long sleeve merino shirt, tank, more leggings.

Dress up cube

Dress that doesn’t wrinkle, heels

Perennial gear in suitcase

Cross body purse (contains purse type stuff: phone, wallet, pen, etc), silicone coffee drip cone, Gobite Uno, USB cables, packable daypack, Jackery 12500 mAh battery, shampoo bar & carrier, flip flops, travel buddy.