Prepping for Paris!

Ever since college, when I studied in Paris for my French degree, I’ve managed to make it to Paris just about every 3 years by hook or by crook. Sometimes that meant eating more ramen than was to my liking and forgoing the things that make life fun, but saving for retirement *and* travel is necessary to me. I just skipped movies and dinners out.

During the aughts I couldn’t maintain the 3 year plan so I went other places like St Martin and Hawaii with friends and mileage points, but couldn’t quite swing Paris. 

And now, FINALLY I am able to get to Paris later this year! (Cross your fingers that the current regime doesn’t blow up the planet before then!) I’m reviewing options for places to stay, organizing passport / visa details, looking around to see if a travel SIM or just an international plan with my wireless provider will do, and generally tweaking my travel wardrobe for optimal comfort while not looking like a hobo in yoga pants.

Alien and Eiffel Tower
Alien and Eiffel Tower!

So excited!

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