PACKING LIST:Paris 1 week

So, Paris is a bit of a dressier city…even for me, the REI poster child.
I’m not going to go bananas and wear heels (the world would end thankyouverymuch) or dresses, but I do tend to spiff just a bit when I am there.

Purple eBags WeekendereBags Purple Weekender


  • Black pants
  • Black skirt
  • Khaki jeans
  • Black shirt (that can double for a nice dinner out or daywear)
  • White shirt
  • Several black t’s and white t’s (for under sweaters, other shirts etc.)
  • Sweater
  • Patterned shirt (x2)
  • jammies/socks/undies
  • scarf (patterned, black-when you walk around in the cold with the same coat on, I tend to want to vary the accoutrements)
  • Keen Briggs tennies
  • Black shoes (something un-tennis shoe like)
  • Things:

  • Camera (+charger, spare cards)
  • Computer (VAIOlet + cables, bluetooth keyboard, mousie, Travel G Router)
  • Shopping bag (something that folds up in your day pack for trips to the supermarché)
  • notebook/pen/travel watercolors (wanna know how to get the French to talk to you even if you are a feeelthy American? Start sketching or painting in a cafe. They love it and are adorable about it, too. I really do adore the French, but you have to accept that they are a completely alien culture from the U.S. They clearly have other priorities, flaws yes, but we have our own as well.)
  • eBook (+waterproof cover)
  • Pocket wallet (for metro tickets, immediate cash needs, 1 credit card-should fit in a pants pocket that isn’t your back pocket)
  • Paris Packing Image