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PACKING LIST: Fredericksburg, Tx

I was gone for a long weekend, and in Texas you can get a range of weather in a very short time. There’s a saying that “If you don’t like the weather in Texas, wait 15 minutes.”
Well, yeah, it happened.
I stepped out of the airport in San Antonio and started sweating – it was in the 70’s. I shucked off my down jacket and scarf (and pondered if I should have brought shorts in addition to the lightweight yoga pants that do almost as well as shorts.)
Later on that weekend it was in the upper 20’s and they shut down the airport just shortly after I flew out due to ice and freezing rain.
So saying that, I was actually completely comfy just having brought a backpack like this for the whole weekend (but mine cost $14 at Ross. The shoe pockets on the side are very handy since I put a pair of tennies in there and wore my Crocs on the plane).
I really liked this for the plane since the new regulations for the liquids in a ziploc bag rule is making me re-think my packing technique for toiletries. I put the ziploc in the top most zipper pocket so I can hand it to the stern looking security guard and I put my somewhat girly flowered half moon dry goods bag (well, whatever is left that isn’t liquid) in the mesh area previously defined for a basketball. Heh. Fits really well actually.
I also had a Longhorn’s cap in the mesh pocket, but somehow it ended up on Bud’s head instead of mine as I flew back home, so it wasn’t there on the trip back. =)

4 days in the Hill Country:

silk sweater (worn on the plane)

black Mistral pants from REI (worn on the plane)*

white tshirt

black yoga pants

khaki quick dry pants

wool zipper neck long sleeve shirt

long sleeve black t shirt

long sleeve grey shirt

bright orange long sleeve shirt

black button down short with skulls (jammies)

a pair of black long underwear (doubled as jammies)

socks and undies

down jacket

pashmina scarf

I know it seems like a lot, but frankly when I visit my mom (even for a 24 hour stretch) I have to have clothes from anything as dressy as dinner at a really posh restaurant down to running around in the mud with the poopers.
I also managed to fit all of this because all of these items by themselves are rather thin. I layer them for warmth when it is cold and leave them single when its warm. It doesn’t hurt that I tend toward the wool stuff from REI. Yes, its an investment, but I find them and snap them up when they are on sale and I wear them non-stop, so I think I am getting my moola’s worth.
The only thing I thought might have been good was one more of the white tshirts (Hanes vnecks) and my khaki yoga pants as well since I live in them.

*These are great because they have about 12 gazillion pockets to put my plane tickets, ID for security. Then later I can put my Mylo and plane toys in the pockets so I don’t have to get into my bag when I’m trapped in my seat by a sleeping, drooling person.

Great Day to Be A Frog

By Jimmy Patterson
Online Editor

KERMIT — The founding fathers of this small town can thank Teddy Roosevelt’s son for their original namesake. Its present-day residents can thank Jim Henson for putting it on the map.

Kermit on the water tower in...Kermit
Kermit on the water tower in…Kermit

Kermit has never been like it was Friday when it welcomed the world’s most famous amphibian and his entourage. The frog was treated like a prince by the 5,700 townspeople, who rolled out the green carpet in high-hoppin’ fashion for His Greenness.

As one harried school teacher said as she bustled to help oversee over 500 school children who were dismissed early for the downtown festivities, “Everything’s frog.”

“These are salt of the earth people,” Kermit said in a post-celebration interview. “Where else could you come and have people treat you so well?”

Kermit, mysteriously traveling sans Miss Piggy, said it was helpful to be in a town that also bore his name. “Makes it easy to remember,” he said as he set out on a 50-city tour celebrating his 50th birthday.

The frog’s first leap landed him in Kermit, a town that couldn’t seem to do enough for the lovable Muppet. An artist’s rendering of Kermit’s head was unveiled atop the city’s water tower; a park was named after him, a street, too. Even pylons blocking off downtown were, you guessed it, green. Kermit was master of ceremonies at the Kermit High School homecoming parade and he was also to be crowned homecoming king at Friday’s night’s football game.

Kermit was even read a lengthy proclamation by mayor Ted Westmoreland, designating Friday as Kermit the Frog Day.

“Boy,” Kermit said at the completion of the reading, “that’s an awfully long proclamation for such a little frog.”

Kermit, Texas, was chosen by Disney officials, parent corporation of Kermit’s creators, The Jim Henson Company, over Kermit, Va., a tiny village with only 200 people.

“We’re just happy to have that golden name,” said Westmoreland, in his 13th year as Kermit mayor. “Something like this will make us known to the rest of the country.

As only the best of mayors would, Westmoreland used the opportunity to pitch the benefits of living in Kermit, and he hopes an event like Friday’s would become an annual event, further casting a postive green sheen on his town.

“Kermit’s a nice town with a wonderful climate,” Westmoreland said. “We hope to make ourselves attractive to retirees and small business.” We hope to make ourselves attrective to retirees and small business.”

Kermit Celebration Days was the culmination of almost three months of hard and orchestrated volunteer efforts. Work started even before Disney made it official that their famous frog would be there.

“This will put us on the map,” said Kermit Police Chief Ron Hoge, who was tasked with security and coordination of an inter-departmental police presence that included officers from Monahans, Odessa and Ward County. Disney had anticiptaed a crowd of as many 30,000 visitors, but by mid-day it was apparent that the number may be a bit smaller.

Even though the crowd didn’t appear to be what was expected, the mood was festive and for many, a day so big had never been seen, and may never again come around, a distinction that for Kermit’s publicist, Danielle Clark, was daunting.

“Wow … more than anything, to be a part of something like is an honor,” said Clark, who prior to representing Kermit was a publicist who worked with Halle Berry and Hillary Duff. She said despite having worked for those two megastars, she had never seen such celebration around a star as she had Friday in Kermit.

When the Green One’s duties are complete in Kermit, he’ll next be honored at the NASA Space Center, south of Houston. Kermit’s Birthday tour, which will take him around the globe, will conclude in 15 months. Steve Whitmire, the creative voice and talent behind the Kermit, will be along for the entire ride. Whitmire became the breath and life of Kermit after Jim Henson’s death in 1990.

WHO TV – Des Moines: Kermit, Texas, honors the green guy

KERMIT, Texas Kermit the Frog has begun a globe-hopping tour to mark his 50th birthday — with a celebration in Kermit, Texas.
The town of about 57-hundred rolled out the green carpet today for the famous singing and dancing Muppet and former star of T-V’s Sesame Street.
Kermit was given the key to the city and crowned honorary homecoming king. The West Texas town also had Kermit’s face painted on its water tower.
Kermit thanked the residents for helping him launch his birthday whirlwind celebration.
A 50-stop tour will cross four continents and last until the end of 2006.
The beloved frog’s stops include the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China and Johnson Space Center in Houston.
Kermit’s creator, Jim Henson, was born in Mississippi and named the frog after a childhood friend.” – Hoppy 50th, Kermit (the frog) – Hoppy 50th, Kermit: “A 15-month world tour begins Oct. 14 in Kermit, Texas, taking in 50 stops, including a USO appearance and a run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.”

I should get everyone to take pictures of this…
Are you one of the few people who know where this town is? =;)

UPDATE: So, the skinny is that my nephews will be in the parade, Kermit will crown the homecoming queen, (and if I understood my nephew’s 70 mph explanation) he will be homecoming king.
Disney got busy and painted frogs all over town as well as the water tower.

As soon as my aunt sends me some pictures I’ll post ’em.