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Paris packing list

We have the luxury of not changing hotels for a reasonable stretch of time, our hotel isn’t too far from a Metro station and there aren’t too many changes between Metro lines to get there.

I’ll be using my Aeronaut 30 and my Travelon daypack to carry me through 10 days of Paris and London.



Travel Gear updates

Things change, people change, hairstyles change… here are some of my latest tweaks to my travel gear:

I posted earlier about this but I changed out my compact daypack from the Sea To Summit to the Lewis N Clark. Super comfy and easily gotten back in the stuff sack.

Backing up my iPhone for when I didn’t have a connection always gave me much anxiety, then I found the iFlash Drive. It worked pretty well for several trips worth of photos and files (I tend to put my iPhone pics into an overall trip folder, then in day folders to help the slow transfer). But it was a bit of a flaky app, and it required a WIN machine to do updates to the hardware. If they changed it while I was traveling it was just broken. Sigh.

So I found the Linsam Wireless Flash that sets up a wifi network (securable with password), let’s you put 2 SD (1 regular, 1 micro) cards in it and you can stream video from it. Very fancy. I also got a case for it, but it isn’t as necessary since it is low profile and fairly sturdy.

There are times when I just go super minimal and want the tiniest stuff there is. Philips Ultra Slim Multiple Outlet isn’t the tiniest, but it is super slim and I can tuck it into a side pocket without bulk.


I still have my Sea to Summit travel wallet in my international set, but I’ve got a smaller coin purse that is still RFID protected for shorter trips. I just put my passport card, my Sapphire Card and some cash in a Travelon Daisy Coin Purse. It has a handy clip on it for attaching it in my purse /daybag or my jacket pocket and it is much smaller profile for just regular noodling about.

Deodorant: I really do like the crystal deodorant, but sometimes I need a bit more. It lasts for about 20 hours on me in light use territory. But I didn’t love most of the form factors of regular deodorant. Even the travel sizes eat up too much space in my dopp kit, so I melted down the last of my deodorant (paper cup with a baggie around the bottom to prevent spills, 11 second blasts until melted) poured into an empty baby lavender lotion stick. Peeled off the labels and then put the deodorant label on the stick.

The Great Railway Bazaar quote

My favorite part of the audiobook 😉

“The wind, rising from the harbour, which was lead grey and pimpled with drizzle, blew into my eyes. I was squinting with the cold I had caught when the first September chill hit London and roused in me visions of palm trees and the rosy heat of Ceylon. That cold made leaving all the easier; leaving was a cure: 

‘Have you tried aspirin?’ 

‘No, I think I’ll go to India.’ “

Vacation in a vacation

We’re planning to ride the Eurostar to London from Paris one day on our upcoming trip. The plan is to get there early afternoon, snoop about, eat Indian food til we explode, stay in a hotel then get up the next day and do one of those hop on/hop off tours until it is time to get back to Paris via St. Pancras station.

Being a packing nerd, I was up for this challenge (I hate carrying a lot of stuff and we’ll need to carry everything with us after we check out of the hotel that morning.)

I’ll be carrying my Pacsafe Slingsafe 300 GII and my pouch purse

I so adore this bag. Super comfy to carry, RFID pocket, slash resistant straps and securable zippers. Peace of mind in backpack form. Pretty much when I travel I have a pouch purse for easy storage of coins and phone and then a backpack for the day’s needs. These two together are THE BUSINESS I tell you…

Here’s what I have in my bag:
1. umbrella
2. In my dopp kit:


*I found some teeny tiny soap containers at Daiso that hold a Ligett’s travel shampoo bar and my travel sized Dove bar. Moreover, they fit in the travel zip pouch from Ligett’s that you can get perfectly.  

3. clothes in zip pouch (just the middle sized one):


**depending on how warm it is, I might just take one merino shirt. They don’t smell generally and if I’m not sweating I probably will be ok. Though I’m a messy Indian food eater, I might need to take another one anyway 😉

4. Travel electronics:

All told it weighs about 5 or 6 pounds, (more with a water bottle in there). I’m ready for London!