Packing for… Uruguay!

Eagle Creek backpack Stripey daypack Brown sweater Black sweater White tank Jeans Keen tennies Tieks Rockport sandals Black t, pink t Butterfly scarf Rain jacket Turns out I didn’t need the rain jacket, but I generally have it in my pack (it’s fairly lightweight) so I didn’t worry about it too much. The rest of … Continue reading Packing for… Uruguay!

Panama City, Panama – Thursday 4/9

4/9/15  Slept a mighty 11 hours and woke up ready for coffee. (good coffee…haven’t found much yet here-that’s a little disheartening.) Room service was wacky, we just giggled over the fact that they wanted to give us Froot Loops though we opted for granola and yogurt. Mama had whatever cold/allergies thing is going around last … Continue reading Panama City, Panama – Thursday 4/9