Packing constants

Aeronaut 30 (dyneema with ultraviolet lining): this is built to fit the specs of those cheapo bastard airlines in Europe. I may or may not use them especially since trains are nifty, but carrying less stuff is never a bad idea. I have a terrible tendency to shed things on the road that irritate me (such as umbrellas or the like) by giving them to street buskers or homeless folks so I’m more judicious now about what I take to begin with, conversely, I’m particular about what I wear so I can’t just replace my wardrobe on the road. Now I have a pretty good set of basics that don’t much leave the suitcase; they are easily washed, comfy and very neutral for mixing and matching.

Knitting bag and Travel Tray: I generally have a newer project that I just cast on that is smaller (I really should learn to knit socks soon, they are so nice and portable) as well as my knit kit. The travel tray I leave full of stuff I’m going to want to use in the plane. iPhone cable, iPhone battery, earphones, lip balm, travel alien, etc. I tend to drop things, because clumsy, and this makes it easy to pull out of my bag and keep corralled on the tray or the seat. I use it in the hotel as well as my bedside bag for my necklace or bracelet while I sleep. Very handy.
When empty it squooshes down flat to take up very little space.


robe/kimono/drape-y black sweater: I can wear something like this over jeans, my jammies dress, as a robe sort of thing, as well as another layer

Black jammies dress:
pretty much if I see a packing list that shows an outfit with shorts and heels, I click away from it. However, I will wear jammies out and about. The thing is my jammies don’t look like jammies much…

Shoes: I wear

Rockport sandals:  happily I found a pair of sandals that are tidy looking AND are comfy.