Dear Eden,

See you in about 3 weeks =)

Booked my ticket today for PIT and hence the AT the Saturday following the flight.
My dried out husk will emerge (smelly) from the trail a week later (if mom hasn’t wrung my neck from my Katzitude) and after a shower (or ten), I’ll wend my way back to Pittsburgh, see Eden and then fly home.
(Let’s hope US Air/United doesn’t fuckbleep this flight up as badly as they did last time. I have lots of bad things I could say about them, but the timing isn’t so tight this time… though if they screw up this then I can’t promise that my side effect of shorting out all electronics near me won’t go apeshit like what happened to my Treo and mom’s house in Tx., but on a larger scale.)

4 thoughts on “Dear Eden,”

  1. AND you will be getting the BEST birthday present EVAH! You just have to wait for your birthday to actually get it. heh heh [evil wicked step-mother laugh here, remember, you were adopted!]

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