AT preparations

So Bunny has been sick lately and I really didn’t want to leave her alone for any longer than I possible had to and this has put the kibosh on me running around.
I have plenty of things to do around the house, so I’m not cranky about it (plus, taking care of Bunny is never an issue, I just wish she wasn’t showing her 16 years.)
I figured now was a good time to start organizing my stuff for the trail.
I know that some of my gadgets will be hotly contested as extra weight, but they will have to just deal with it.

So far my list of things in the pack is:

REI Ultralight pack
1st aid kit
water bottle
2 tshirts (coolmax) + 1 on me
1 pr pants(zip offs to shorts)
yoga pants
hiking socks 4 pair
fantastic and magical underwear
smartwool long sleeve shirt
long janes
sleeping bag*
stuff sack for sleeping bag*
sleeping bag liner
GPS + map
charged batteries
trekking poles

The food and the tents will all be shared when we get there, but I’ll definitely be bringing some nibblies. I don’t do well under group feedbag situations.
I’ll add and refine to the list later.

*stuff still on the to buy list